Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas table decor

Are you ready for Christmas?? Have you decided yet how to decorate your table?
The ideal is to glance at the different Christmas traditions around the world.

On the African west coast, the  preparations for Christmas proceed during the whole week before,and on the Eve's evening all the kids run along the city streets singing songs that announce the Christ Child's arrival. Christmas dinner is outdoor of course and the typical dish, “fufu” is hand eaten with relish! In all the decorations there are always some small bells!!!!

The ideal decor: palm leaves and bells!!

In Australia the Christmas tradition is connected with the high summer temperature! On the Eve's evening they sing all the Christmas carols outdoors, with a lighted torch in their hands. The Christmas dinner is always outdoors and if possible on the beach!

 The decor idea is definitely inspired by the beautiful and colorful Christmas Bush!

The celebrations in Austria start with Santa Claus party and find their summit on  Christmas Eve!
Christmas Eve dinner is the most important and before midnight they open the presents!

 Austrians love very tall and eatable table decorations, as their emperors used to once upon a time, not bad as a decor idea!!!!

Brazilian tradition is mainly tied to the manger representation.
On the 24th  the Messiah's arrival is staged and celebrated with fireworks and  eating till late!
Christmas ornaments in Brazil are mainly fresh flowers and Christmas lights!

Did you get any inspiration from this world tour?
You can choose your own style and do what you feel like!
Even at Christmas you can be ecosustainable!

A golden table is definitely very elegant.

Colorful ornaments are original and amusing.


A few websites to have fun!

So enjoy yourselves and Merry Christmas!!!
Stay tuned