Thursday, February 20, 2014

Anxiety and stress? design care

Anyone may happen to feel  under stress or under pressure, but what exactly is it about?

Stress manifests itself in a different way for each of us. There are people that get stomachache, others have a headache, some  get a tachycardia, others feel tension in their muscles...  hormones multiply in your system, increasing your heartbeat and your breath intensities and narrows you blood vessels.

In the past there were funny ways indeed to treat this problem;

 The so called “vampire treatment” consisted in taking  your “bad” blood  by means of bloodsuckers ;  a little obsolete as a systsem!

The “shout system” is a relaxation method that consists in climbing a hill and,once you have reached the top, you shout like a madman; it is said to be very liberating!

The  “fish pedicure” is very common in the far east, but it should be imported here too and practised in the fitness centers, do you agree?

If you don't feel at ease with these odd methods, you can just look for a place with  the right interior design!

We have seen  how anxiety and stress can take possession of you without being noticed, but if the malaise  persists, you can fight it with certitudes, with the simplicity of your everyday attitudes and the familiarity of small things. 

Known and recognizable environments, with exposed bricks , wine shelves and linen tablecloths, elements you have  interiorized as a part of your  imaginary.

The turtledove and écru shades of fabrics, of the parquet and of furniture encourage you with their discreet presence; the  symbolism of these colors recalls the ones of nature, of woods and of barks, of what resists and  persists, that's why turtledove is the symbol of married life.

The best prescription for strained people is the tradition of  regional and traditional recipes, considering also the importance of some foods in the producton of serotonin, a natural antidepressant produced by the  brain. Pasta, chocolate and sweets are real antidepressant for your brain, while meat tartare and cheese help you to stimulate your senses, together with a good wine selection.

Tips from around the world:

A new restaurant in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, Maysville, captures the tale of the American bourbon tradition.


Don Café House, Pristina, was the first of the company’s cafes to open in Kosovo.

 Gaga restaurant by COORDINATON ASIA, Shanghai

721 Tonkatsu Japanese restaurant by Golucci International Design, Shanghai.


Bar by Kley Design, Kiev – Ukraine

 Restaurant Mazzo, Amsterdam .

You aren't under stress? Then discover the next emotion!
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Interior design and psychology

Recentely I worked  on a project about hospitality, facing it from an emotional point of view ; have you ever realized how much the environment influences your spirits and mood? 

Analysing the relationship produced between man and the space he lives in, has always been a strong passion of mine and a source of in-depth studies, with very interesting results!

Interiors are tightly linked to the soul and human psychology, and undergo modifications together with the changes of society: spaces widen, get narrower, become colored, change shade,  change shape … exactly the way people have modified their needs and their demands and have emancipated themselves, have been scared, or happy, etc. 

A link as deep as invisibile, that only the expert eyes of a designer, of a psychologist and of a sociologist can remark, little known but very present in everyday's reality; unconsciously you look for what makes you feel at ease and gives you positive sensations.

The personalization of spaces has been the password of interior design during the last  few years. 

The emotional Concept tries to interpret this information to reach the definition of design, elaborated with the collaboration of psychologists, sociologists, interior designers, artists, dietologists and chefsù.
Premises turn into nucleuses that receive emotions and feelings. Do you feel stressed? You need a soft and relaxing space, light food that helps you to  relax! These elements have been studied and combined for collective premises: restaurants, lounge bars and bars.

To make things simple, let's start from the sentiments  you most commonly feel!

Do you feel rage or fear?

What you need is green  surroundings with a vegetable wall and a bright light that welcomes you. While listening to a relaxing music you can sip a light cocktail that will let your senses rest and relax. Your heartbeat slows down and you don't even realize your muscles relax.

The dominant color is white: the color of perfection, that doesn't prevail over any other color because it contains them all, it is the archetype of perfection, of freedom and of light.

The surfaces can be covered with wood or fabric, materials that can give you warm and simple emotions.

The  menu proposed reflects your body's need for relaxation, light dishes with plain ingredients: fish, vegetables, fruits, juices, rice.

Design around the world:

Located in Zurich, "Not Guilty" p reflects the philosophy
of the harmony of nature

"The Hollow restaurant" di Sergei Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko

"Banq Restaurant" in Washington

In Mexico City ," Restaurant Japonez "

 "Kook" is an original new restaurant and pizzeria in Lazio, Italy 

 "Nok Nok Thai Eating House" in Sydney Design by Giant Design

The dining hall (Mensa) for the new Vienna University of Economics and Business, designed by Tzou Lubroth Architekten.


Do you say it isn't enough? Try!

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