Saturday, March 29, 2014

spring & design!

At last the sun has arrived with an unexpected warmth for the season, that takes with it the desire of opening your house and letting in a wave of freshness and novelty!

Spring has always been celebrated all over the world, as one of the most important and loved natural events  in every time and  culture!

The most ancient Spring celebration is considered  “Sham el nessim” in Egypt; its traces date back to about 4700 years ago. “Sham el nessim” , literally means “smell the wind”, and  it is celebrated as the beginning of every rite for the harvest fertility. The Egyptians still celebrate this day with outdoor picnics and traditional food!

But the most heartfelt Spring celebration definitely remains the Chinese one! It is known as “Chinese New Year's Day” and it lasts a whole month, during which you go on vacations and very many ancient traditions are involved!

Last but not least, the musical tradition I take this beautiful sentence from as an inspiration for my blog:
"A flower is like a dream flying on earth and in the sky. Thousands of thousands of imaginary thoughts have wings that grow to open bravely..."

The first thing all women do, after these remarks, is going shopping to be more colorful and cuter, but what if you want to do some shopping for your house too? 

What can you get to renew and bring home a wave of Spring?


The answer appears banal, but in the world of design nothing is banal!

Real flowers, painted or interpreted ones, a tiny bunch is enough, with the light entering through the window, to make spring at once!!!

Just to start from, a flowered cushion is enough, maybe ikebana style, plain and very fresh!
You can find beautiful ones on

In the same style also the armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola

Do you want more? Then go further with a  multicolor flowerpot holder table, a real explosion of  color!!! 

Beautiful the reinterpretations of the great design classics in floral version!

Why not insert a floral  inlaid accessory!
suggests really interesting ones!

Or you can choose among armchairs and tables!

If  lamps are your passion, go wild with Ingo Maurer and his beautiful “Butterfly”

Butterflies are not only decorative in the brand new “Virtue of Blue Chandelier “ created by the Dutch design studio Demakersvan, completely covered with tiny sapphire blue solar panels that make it a self-sufficient lighting complement, that absorbs the sun energy during the day and gives it back as light at night. 

For those who want real flowers and not only “design” ones, a little suggestion for the right vase: really beautiful this head to be decorated “Wig” designed by the Portuguese Tania da Cruz,

Wait for next post, all  dedicated to vases!!
Stay tuned