Sunday, May 11, 2014

design your picnic!

Springtime brings not only flowers, but also an irresistible desire to stay in the open air and enjoy the first rays of sunlight while lying down on the grass! What is  the best way to do so if not with a wonderful picnic???

Nibbling on something outdoors on a green lawn or on a sunny beach has always been a real passion, in fact the word is of ancient French origin (XVIIth century): “pique” (to pilfer) plus “nique” (things of little account) .

Picnic styles may vary a lot and you have to conform yourself to the place you have chosen!

If you feel nostalgic for the XIXth century romanticism, when picnicking had become a real habit, you should refer to the numerous paintings of the period!

Like the famous picnic by Manet

Or the modern picnic by Botero

In this case  the classic wicker basket with clay plates suits you perfectly!

For a trip in the countryside there's nothing better than riding a bike, so here's “Springtime”, an invention by Jeriel Bobble, smart and super design!

You can find it on

But design ideas for cyclists don't lack!

Picnics in the mountains can be really tiring and you can't think of  carrying a big or inconvenient basket! In this case you need a little creativity: pants-tablecloth and  a kit in a backpack, smart and compact!

If your picnic is on the beach, the style is completely different, and you have to couple the basket with a refrigerant bag to keep the fruit and perhaps a good wine cool!

Are you lazy and don't want to move? Here's the basket for you, with an integrated landscape!!!
A beautiful do-it-yourself kit proposed by the beautiful blog designsponge!

Do you feel inspired?
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