Thursday, January 30, 2014

Piero fornasetti # decor

Today I went to see Piero Fornasetti's exhibition in Milan; if you don't know him, he's an artist , designer and sculptor, open to different styles, forms and expressive methods, but he was mainly a real “decorator”,  a curious and crazy interior designer. 

He decorated, using different techniques,  practically every surface of a house! His strong and witty style has conquered everybody all over the world.

Just while I was visiting the exhibition I started asking myself a very important question about our houses: aren't they decorated too little? 

Haven't we lost the taste for decor, for surprise?

So, just to deny this aesthetic rigour, why not add a strongly graphic and “decorated” element?

Quoting Fornasetti: “Man is defined by Plato as a living two-footed and wingless being, and as a “decorated” animal with flat nails . Like other animals that populate our planet, he's decorated by hair of different colors and styles:  curly, frizzy, stright, red, grey, white, black, brown; he decorates himself with smiles, tears and expressions!”

I love this description, of a “decorated” man, and following this inspiration, I suggest various small or big  elements you can insert in your house without overdoing it! “decorated” but not kitch!

Excluding wallpaper and pictures, you can play with rugs, pillows, lamps, curtains, tablecloths, tables, chairs, armchairs; you have an embarrassingly wide choice!

The absolute genius of  decorative design remains, in my opinion, Philippe Starck, it's incredible how he can  transform his own style and interpret every place in a surprising way ! The real surprise is based on his vision of space: unique! A suggestion for your house? 
The chair Miss Lacy by Driade!

Among my favorite decorators-designers, definitely Marcel Wenders stands out, with his graphic floreal style, strong in the search for materials and in his color matching! 
My favorite? Crochet chair

A real passionate for decoration, but strongly dedicated to lighting, is definitely Ingo Maurer, real genius of light and surprise. You can't do without at least a piece of his at home!!!

Tridimensional decoration for the Campana Brothers, who interpret with fantasy and originality, proposing extraordinary furniture.

At the table too you need a touch of decor, and not only with tablecloths or fabrics, very good the designer  Klaus Haapaniem 


looking among the least known designers, the new i-dishes by Todd Borka are really funny!

Roche Bobois has a real passion for decoration and you can see it both in his pillow/couches and in his lamps! Beautiful is the “Teapot grouping” by Peter Bowles


Almost sculptural  is Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz's design style ! A very special piece!

But speaking of inlaid surfaces  the artist Ingrid Donat remains my favorite.

It's amusing to decorate your house!!!! I'll look for more inspiration!

Stay tuned