Tuesday, April 15, 2014

vases & decoration

Are you back from a picnic or from a trip with a bunch of flowers in your hand, ready to put it into a beautiful vase?

I left space of a whole post to this theme because it opens a huge chapter of interior decoration.

A vase is not only functional,  it's a real decor experience, that reflects the taste and the idea itself of a house.

Not for nothing the world's evils are mythologically enclosed in a vase!  In the well known tale by the Greek Esiodus, a beautiful vase was given to Pandora by Zeus, who recommended never to open it, but the young woman was very curious and soon took off the lid, liberating all the world's evils: old age, jealousy, illness, madness and vice. On the bottom only hope remained, that the young woman soon released to make people's lives more tolerable after the arrival of evils.

I find vases just represent this hope, a promise of something that is to come, a way to be  ready to receive.

Therefore let's get ready at our best with the right spirit:
if you are a free spirit and want to portray a casual style to your flowers, nothing better than the 
Paper bag vases by Makoto Komatsu, they look like recycled bread bags!

Still on the paper theme the beautiful origami vases, born from the collaboration between the Israeli  designer Ofir Zucker and the artist Ilan Garibi; the pipe inserted avoids wetting and spoiling the paper work.

If you feel ready to present origami designed and made by yourself, go wild on the site

if you love origami  but prefer something easier, here are some clay origami vases, also beautiful!!!!

For those who love the decorative power of vases here are some extra versions!

If you are looking for something unusual here are some  ”plastic” suggestions ; foldable, shape only, little covers …

For those who are fond of  do-it -yourself recycle, a very interesting suggestion
 Designer: Tim Park

To have fun there are very original vases!!
To create hairstyles “Bloom My Buddy, by the designers Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubb

or to decorate animals

Or to touch, intrigue, amuse..

My favorite?
Very plain, shape only, in glass or white clay!

Stay tuned!