Thursday, September 25, 2014

day 44 #365artdesign

Handmade happiness

Who can remember the crocheted works created by  grandmother's clever hands?
Hours and hours spent bending on the thread network; it appears as  an image definitely bound to the  past, but it has become more relevant than ever.

The Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam , has raised this ancient passion to a  monumental and playful art.  The traditional simplicity of this act of hers helped her to overcome the tragedy her people had to face after the second world war. Her big cobweb sculptures are a blaze of  color and energy;  her webs are spaces celebrating life, conviviality, enjoyment, amusement and relaxation.

Each stitch is tied to another one and is functional to the following one and each gesture produces a chain of movements that motivate  the whole work. This idea of connection is the base of her  artistic philosophy: each of us is connected with the rest of the  planet, in a strong and absolutely necessary link.
To be able to enter in deep contact with her own spirit,  the artist creates interactive installations that everyone can live and touch. The work  made in Rome is a real playground where not only kids can give vent to their wish for color and joy. 

Unfortunately it isn't easy to take home a piece by this wonderful artist, but here are some others who, like her, love knitting.
Christien Meindertsma a designer from Rotterdam, makes beautiful poufs, completely handmade by means of  giant needles. They are realized using 100%   New Zealand wool, and each pouf is provided with a card identifying the sheep the wool has been taken from.
Her pieces have become a must have of interior design and draw the attention of connoisseurs and  laymen alike.

Melanie Porter is a designer with a passion for knitting, and  creates objects and fittings with extralarge threads. She makes the smallest details of her pieces carefully.
To be able to work with a technique is not enough, you also have to be able to  combine shapes and  colors in an effective and interesting way, and you must admit that such an elaborate surface,  realized in classic colors, is really a successful coupling.

The beautiful sack chairs by Aleksandra Gaca, are  made by means of a particular technique that gives tridimensionality to the surface. Besides the manufacturing mastery,  a special attention has been paid to the yarn, chosen among the best merino wool.

Of course fashion is changing now and very many designers are becoming specialists in this kind of work: you have to keep an eye on the new rising stars.

stay tuned!