Tuesday, September 2, 2014

day 38 #365artdesign

Day 38#365artdesign 

Today I was looking for ligh and emotions.. Robert Irwin and James Turrel Design the space and sculpt the light. 


Aisthesis is an exhibition to be felt, rather than viewed - it constitutes a unique perceptual experience, where the borderlines of space and light become confused and cancel each other out.
The exhibition encompasses a total of 19 works: including projections, installations and sensory environments, admirably integrated into the spaces of the villa.
The two new works created by Irwin and Turrell specifi cally for the exhibition make it a truly unmissable opportunity.
In Ganzfeld "Sight Unseen", one of James Turrell's works, the main stable block is transformed into an emotive, endless landscape, whereas in the lemon house, Robert Irwin's "Varese Scrim" creates a labyrinth of feelings shaped by natural light.

The deepest sense of our perceptions..

stay tuned!

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