Wednesday, July 31, 2013

battery chargers & co.

I have to answer the first request of an affectionate reader (editor's note: my friend Barbara) that asked me a true “design” question:
where can you place all the cables/ battery chargers/ headphones etc. other than in the classic junk drawer where they all tangle up?
Actually the problem is remarkable, you could spend all the time you waste untangling the cables, reading the paper or relaxing in the tub!

Of course if you were a talented cable artist you wouldn't dislike to find universal coils as an infinite inspiration source; Kasey McMahon, for example, has a real passion for entangling, but from his hands, bionic and futuristic creatures originate, such as the beautiful “Wire woman of digital Culture”.

But for his cleverness with coils my favorite artist certainly remains Seung Mo Park. His ability to create wonderful portraits with metal threads is really amazing.

Going back to our cables, I'm glad to inform you that designers very quickly catch and satisfy the most disparate needs, so the problem is already widely faced! And speaking about technology, definitely you'd better start from Japanese designers; technological and futuristic, they are always the first to use new equipment, tools, devices.

First of all we understand how affectionate you can be to the junk drawer; if your tie is strong and you only need to tie up the cables so that they don't tangle up, there are plenty of solutions that can satisfy your needs:

a strip with leaves, a fish bone, spring flowers, a mouse, etc.

On the website you can find a lot of ideas.
And if you don't like to see the cables, this fantastic flying saucer can hide everything!

I found them on But if your Japanese isn't very fluent, alternatively you can also find them on
Anyway the drawer doensn't remain a real solution, therefore I found different systems for every personality.

You are hopeless and like to see the effect of your conduct?
Here's a plugged lamp/vase that leaves the connection free and tangles up all the cables lighting them up!

You are a very tidy person that needs an absolute purity of lines?
A box with a cloth support is surely the most suitable solution.

You are longing for original elements with an eco-green touch?
This mini-lawn to lean all the devices on, hiding the cables, is just what you need!
You can find it on

Of course it's also my favorite solution: romantic and amusing!
Dear reader, are you satisfied with your new solution?

Stay tuned!

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